Surviving Lockdown

For a children's author who LOVES visiting schools, the 2020 Lockdown has proved to be a challenge that I will not forget in a long time! Of course, there have been some advantages: more spare time to write; no nightmare traffic jams on early morning journeys; the opportunity to update my website; time to just sit and think of new ideas........ However, I miss the atmosphere generated by school visits and I can't wait for them to start once again.

I may just have to tidy myself up a bit before I walk through the first set of primary school gates. A decent haircut will be a priority. My wife, Glen, keeps offering to tackle the problem but she has trouble walking in a straight line so I dread to think of the damage she could do with a pair of scissors! Besides, I value my ears too much to let her loose with a pair of blades! And then there's the beard. I know that when I last grew a beard more than 20 years ago it was rich brown in colour - so what has gone wrong this time? Surely it can't be an age thing. HMMM! The general opinion is that it will HAVE to go!

What do you think...?

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