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Writers at Home


Hello to all you young writers out there! I put this first writing challenge on my website when children were prevented from attending school due to the HORRIBLE coronavirus lockdown. It's proved really popular so I've decided to keep it going!

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This page is especially for you. I'm going to be putting up a new writing idea every week. The first couple of ideas are linked to keeping a diary! It's great fun to keep your very own diary! You don't even need a notebook - a folded piece of plain A4 paper will do just fine. You could even keep your diary online if you wish!

SO: You will need a good imagination for this first task. Your diary entry is called Trouble at School.

Write about a day at school where EVERYTHING went wrong!

I'm sure you will have plenty of ideas but here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Your alarm clock doesn't go off and you are late for school.

  • You have forgotten to bring in your homework.

  • You get hiccups in assembly.

  • You get into trouble for constantly sneezing VERY LOUDLY

      in class.

  • You drop your dinner at lunchtime.

  • You knock over a pot of paint during the afternoon art lesson.


   .....and I'm sure you can think of many more!

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Don't forget, you can make your diary as informal as you wish. Write as though your diary is your best friend.

(e.g. begin: Dear Diary... )

You can include pictures, doodles, patterns etc. but most of all -


Finally, I would love to read your diary page. You could email a copy to me or send it via my Facebook page.

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