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The Dragon's Cave

Daisy and William's parents take them on a holiday to the coast where they stay at the mysterious Halfway House, owned by the equally mysterious Caspian, with his white stick and icy blue eyes.


When Daisy discovers a dusty old book high up on a shelf in their bedroom it is the start of a fantastic adventure, There is a picture of a fiery dragon and a map shows the the way from Halfway House to the Dragon's Cave. However, all the other pages in the book are blank.

A storm in the night, a dangerous climb down the crumbling cliff and a passage through the deep, dark cave leads Daisy and William to a steamy, bubbling pool. Moments later, the angry dragon appears out of the darkness...

The Dragon's Cave is out now!

Pocket Wands

A Hocus Pocus House Adventure


A magical new picture book for 5 to 7 Year olds.


Meet the magical Moon family and follow the twins, Wilf and Maisie, as they get up to mischief with their brand new pocket wands!

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