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Writers at Home

Hello again to all you young writers out there! This week's new writing challenge gives you the opportunity to do some drawing as well as writing. It is called:

Create a Character

Effective, memorable characters are SO important to ANY story. There are five well known book characters below. How many can you name?


Create Your Own Character

Firstly, you will need to decide what type of a character you would like to create. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


Once you have decided on the type of character you would like to create, Make some brief notes under the following headings:

(You can click on the NOTES button if you would like to download a printable worksheet)

  • What is your character's name?

  • Descibe how your character looks.

  • Describe your character's personality. (e.g. mean, grumpy, magical)

  • What does your character do? (Job/hobbies)

  • Where does your character live?

Now you should have enough information to write a full character description.

However, you may wish to DRAW A PICTURE of your character BEFORE you begin to write. This could help you with your description.

You want to make your character description fun and interesting to read and so a good opening is important. You could just start like this:

My character is called Harry Hotshot.....


However, that is quite boring! Look below to get some more interesting openings:

  • Harry Hotshot is the leading goalscorer in the league...

  • I would like to introduce you to a real star...

  • Of all the people who lived in Brigg Street, Brian Butcher was the most interesting...

  • You really WOULD NOT like to meet Sam Snide...

Now: Refer back to your notes and write all about your character. Try to bring your character to life by including as many interesting facts as possible.

(You can click on the WritingTemplate button if you would like to download a printable Writing Template)

Once again, I would love to see your finished work, including a picture of your character! You could email it to me or send it via my Facebook page.

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