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Writers at Home

Hello again to all you young writers out there!

The last two writing challenges have been in the form of diary entries and so I thought it would be good to have a change.

 I hope you are ready to write once again.

This week's activity is:

  I Can Write A Poem

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Writing poetry can be SUCH GOOD FUN and you can write a poem about anything you wish. Take a look at the box below for a selection of ideas - but then jot down a few exra ideas of your own

I can write a poem ....

an alien

a footballer

a giant

a dragon

a clown

a ballerina

a witch

a teacher

a forest

a cave

a snake

a spaceman

a dinosaur

a pirate

... about anything I wish!

How To Begin Your Poem

  • Your first line can be: 

        I can write write a poem about ...

  • NOW: Choose an idea and then bring it to life with adjectives, adverbs, similes, alliteration... and whatever else you can think of! 


        e.g. I can write a poem about...

               A hissing snake that slithers and slides 

               smoothly through the dense jungle undergrowth.

              A dangerous green dragon who breathes smoke

              and fire and lives in a deep, dark cave.

              A clumsy clown who.... 


  • SO: Write your first draft and then read it through to see if you can improve it. You can make your poem as long or as short as you wish.

  • Now, write a final copy. Why not write using coloured pens or pencil crayons - a different colour for each idea? Of course, you can use a computer to produce your final copy if you prefer.

  • Finally, include any illustrations that you wish.

Good luck!


Once again, I would love to read your finished poem. You could email it to me or send it via my Facebook page.

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