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More Able Writers' Workshops

In partnership with Authors Abroad, I provide full day

writing workshops specifically aimed at extending writing

skills with more able children. I am happy to work with

age groups from Year 1 through to Year 6.


With considerable experience of delivering workshops

throughout the country and having visited numerous

schools abroad, a stimulating and enjoyable day is

guaranteed for both children and staff!

                                                                              How Does it Work?

                                                         Authors Abroad arrange a date for the workshop                                                               directly with a 'host school'. The host school is                                                                   offered six free places on the workshop and other                                                             local schools are offered paying places. Age ranges                                                           are often grouped together - hence it could be a                                                                   Year 1/2 day, Year 3/4 day or a Year 5/6 day, or                                                                   any combination to suit! The workshops are                                                                         always VERY popular.

If you would like more information about More Able Writers' Workshops or if you are interested in becoming a host school, click on the link below to take you to the Authors Abroad website.

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