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Writers at Home

Hello to all you young writers out there

Thanks to all those of you who produced diary pages for the previous writing task TROUBLE AT SCHOOL. Also, thanks for your messages and examples of work. FANTASTIC!

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This page is especially for you. The first couple of ideas are linked to keeping a diary! It's great fun to keep your very own diary! You don't even need a notebook - a folded piece of plain A4 paper will do just fine. You could even keep your diary online if you wish!

SO: Here is your 2nd Diary Task:

Your diary page for this week is called STORM  in  the  NIGHT

A distant rumble of thunder wakes you up in the middle of a hot, clammy night.You draw back your curtains to watch the storm approach - nearer and nearer, louder and louder. Suddenly, there is a vivid flash of lightning followed by a tremendous crack of thunder. The violent storm breaks...

Write your diary entry.



  • How did you feel when the storm suddenly broke?

  • Do any other members of your family come into your room?

  • Do you have any pets to look after?

  • Did you manage to get back to sleep after the storm?

  • Was there any damage during or after the storm?

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Don't forget, you can make your diary as informal as you wish. Write as though your diary is your best friend.

(e.g. begin: Dear Diary... )

You can include pictures, doodles, patterns etc. but most of all -


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Once again, I would love to read your diary page. You could email a copy to me or send it via my Facebook page.

Below is the opening to a lovely diary entry written by Rebekah, age 10, based on last week's task Trouble at School:






                                                       Well done Rebekah!


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