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It's Dinosaur Day

It's Dinosaur Day and Terri Timpson is really excited! However, her class trip to the dinosaur exhibition at the City Museum provides far more excitement than she bargained for!

Cunning thieves plan to steal the priceless Stone of Methesda

from the Egyptian Gallery - 

until Terri and her friends leap into action!


An exciting and hilarious adventure - It's Dinosaur Day!

What happened to the dinosaurs?

                                                 Millions of years ago, long before there were

                                                 any people, there were dinosaurs. Dinosaurs

                                                 lived on the earth for over 165 million years

                                                 but then they mysteriously became extinct.   

                                                 Nobody knows exactly what happened to the                                                   dinosaurs. Some people believe that a giant asteroid crashed onto earth. Our planet became freezing cold and the dinosaurs could not survive.

All that is left of the dinosaurs are fossils.

These are dinosaur bones that have been

discovered in the earth and rock. Such

fossils inform us of how the dinosaurs

looked. On occasions, the complete

skeleton of a dinosaur has been found,

frozen and preserved in the ice.


In It's Dinosaur Day, Terri and her classmates visit the City Museum, where one of the exhibits on display is the full skeleton of a Tyrannasaurus Rex.

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