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Grandma's Teeth

Dudley's Grandma is a disaster! His half term is ruined when Gran comes to stay for a few days. Things go from bad to worse when she loses not one but two sets of false teeth.

A trip to the dentist, a disastrous bus journey and a run in with the local vandals provides plenty of opportunity for Gran to cause chaos!

Join Dudley and his dreadful grandma on their hilarious quest to find GRANDMA'S TEETH.


From Grandma's Teeth...

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    'I can't find m' teeth!' shouted Grandma, flinging the cushions off the sofa. 'You haven't seen them anywhere, have you, Dudley?'

    'No, Grandma,' sighed Dudley, wearily. 'It was your glasses yesterday. Remember? You couldn't find your glasses. They were in the washing machine.'

    'That wasn't my fault,' said Grandma, quickly. She sucked her gums and scratched her thinning grey hair. 'I left them wrapped up in a tea towel and your mother put it in the washing machine.'

    'Just stop and think for a minute,' urged Dudley, as another cushion flew through the air and landed on the television. 'You've probably put them somewhere safe.'

    Grandma scratched her head again and blinked her beady little eyes.

    'That'll be it!' she exclaimed, hopping from one foot to the other. 'I've put them somewhere safe!' She looked puzzled for a few seconds and then said: 'Where have I put them, Dudley?'

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