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The Library Ghost

What a good idea! A Victorian Day at Mill Street School to raise money for the new library! All the children and staff agree to dress up in Victorian clothes - except for the sneering Delia Grime who thinks the idea is stupid!

All goes well until Sam and Ollie become suspicious when Mr Spink, their Headteacher, seems to appear in two places at the same time. 

The day goes from bad to worse as Delia Grime causes chaos at the Coffee Afternoon when she kidnaps a valuable china doll.

However, Delia is in for a ghostly shock when she makes her escape to the school library!


From The Library Ghost...

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Victorian Day

    'I don't see why we have to have a Victorian Day,' grumbled Sam, as he searched through the History section in the school library. 'I feel really stupid in these clothes. I had to walk to school like this, you know!'

    Sam removed his flat cap, which was about three sizes too big, and tossed it onto the nearby library table. He unbuttoned his braces and then stuck his hands in the pockets of his brown corduroy trousers. His mum had bought the trousers together with the matching braces especially for the day. The hat was borrowed from old Mister Hegg, Sam's next door neighbour.

    'Stop complaining,' said Ollie, who was on his hands and knees, studying a row of books on the bottom shelf. 'You've done nothing but moan all morning. Anyway, you don't look as ridiculous as I do. It wasn't my idea to come as a chimney sweep's boy, you know.'

    Sam took another look at his friend.

    'Yes, you do look ridiculous,' he agreed, 'but I still don't see why we had to dress up in the first place!'

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