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Trevor's Trousers

You can write a story about anything - even a pair of trousers!


How can a pair of trousers cause SO much trouble?

When Trevor promises to look after his new school trousers, it proves an impossible task.

A priceless ruby ring, blundering thieves and a trip to the town tip can only lead to disaster!

Poor Trevor! At least there is a reward waiting for him at the end of the adventure!


From Trevor's Trousers...


    A little further along the road, Trevor spotted his best friend, Joe Knott, on the pavement opposite. He was just about to cross over when a double-decker bus turned the corner and picked up speed. Trevor stared down in horror at the great dirty puddle in                                                       the road - but it was too late! The bus                                                             ploughed through sending a torrent of                                                         water into the air. Trevor let out a yell                                                           and leapt backwards as a wave of filthy                                                         water soaked him from head to foot.

                                                 He stood there, dripping wet,  shaking                                                         his fist after the bus as it                                                                                     disappeared along the road.

                                                 'Did you see that!' stormed Trevor, as he                                                     joined his friend on the other side of the road. 'I'm sure that bus driver did it deliberately!'

    'Don't let it worry you,' said Joe, reassuringly. 'A little bit of water never hurt anyone.'

    'But I've got some new trousers,' explained Trevor, shaking a leg. 'I promised not to get them messy!'

    'Too late now,' said Joe. 'Never mind, I'm sure they'll dry out once you get to school.'

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