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Whispering Cottage

This book is different! If you want to have some fun with play scripts then Whispering Cottage is for you! Read on ...

What is the secret of the strange whispering cottage in the woods?

How will the wartime evacuees settle in with their host family at Daisyfield Farm?

Who is the school thief who has stolen Kelly's new watch during the P.E. Lesson?

There is something to please everyone in these three new short plays, including the opportunity to write your very own scene for each play!


How does it work?

Each of the three plays is a different genre. Whispering Cottage is a woodland fantasy; Daisyfield Farm is an historical play about evacuees and The Missing Watch is a school mystery.

                             Each play provides you with the opportunity to write                                 the final scene, either on your own or with a partner.                                 There are hints and tips to guide you forward but it is                                 up to you to come up with the plot for your new scene.                               You can then compare your final scene with that                                           written by the playwright.

Perhaps you could choose your favourite play and produce it with a group of friends?

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